• Don't die.
  • Positive, enthusiastic consent is key.
  • Red is the universal safe word.
  • The owners have the final say on all rules.
  • Only invited persons are allowed. Don't bring a surprise plus one, or you will both be asked to leave.
  • If you aren't sober enough to drive/play, don't.
  • Don't touch anything or anyone without prior consent.
  • Exercise responsible photography. Get consent from everyone in frame.
  • Don't share the address.
  • Don't be the reason we need a new rule.


  • Keep the noise outside to a reasonable level.
  • If you can be seen from the street or another property, you must be street legal.
  • Don't park on the East side of the street. The "No Parking" signs are real.
  • No smoking or fires within 25 feet of any building.


  • No smoking. Vaping is allowed as long as the scents don't become overwhelming.
  • No food or drink on the couch.
  • Clean up your mess.
  • Open doors stay open (bathrooms excluded), closed doors stay closed.
  • Any room/area marked off limits is done so for the safety of all.